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당신이 영생을 누릴 곳은 어디입니까? 1 - 크리스찬 타임스
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Where Will You Spend Eternity?

As a child, I was taught about God, but for a long time the Gospel just did not appeal to me. When I was about thirteen I went to the altar to pray, and the Lord showed me some marbles I had stolen. He asked me to make restitution, and I refused. I went out of there and did not pray again to get saved until I was over forty-three years old.


I went through high school as an amateur boxer and a football player. I should have been happy because I was young and healthy. I had all the things that young people want, but there was something inside me that was never satisfied.

When I got out of school, I went to work in the logging camps. There I lived just like the rest of the loggers. I came to town and drank, fought, and got into all kinds of trouble. I never thought about serving the Lord. Nobody could convince me that a Christian could enjoy living. When I visited my mother I would go to church with her, but as soon as the service was over I would walk out the door. She asked me about going to church more often, and I said, "Mom, why should I go when it makes me so miserable?" I didn't realize that God was convicting me when I went to church.


저는 어릴 적 하나님에 대한 가르침을 받았지만 오랫동안 복음은 제게 직접적으로 다가오지 않았습니다. 제가 13세 쯤 되었을 때 단상에 올라 기도한 적이 있었는데, 그때 주님께서는 제가 훔쳤던 구슬들을 보여주시며 제가 그것들에 대해 변상하길 원하셨습니다. 그러나 저는 그렇게 하지 않은 채 그 자리를 떠났고 43살이 되기 전까지 저는 기도하지 않고 살았습니다. 


저는 고등학생 때 아마추어 복싱선수와 풋볼 선수로 활약했습니다. 젊고 건강한 사람으로서 가질 것은 다 가졌다고 생각했지만 제 안의 무언가는 항상 공허한 채로 남아있었습니다. 

학교를 졸업한 저는 벌채(용) 캠프에 들어가서 일을 하며 지냈습니다. 다른 벌목꾼들처럼 술을 마시고, 싸움질을 하고, 온갖 말썽을 피웠었죠. 어머니댁을 방문할 때면 어머니를 따라 교회를 나가곤 했지만 예배가 끝나고 예배당을 나오면 그것으로 끝이었습니다.


어머니는 제가 교회에 좀 더 자주 나오길 원하셨지만 저는 예배를 드릴 때마다 비참하게 만드는 교회에 왜 가야 하냐며 거부했습니다. 그때는 그것이 하나님의 부름이었음을 알지 못했습니다.  <계속>

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